2008 Toyota 4Runner car stereo installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs Focal, JL Audio, Pioneer
2008 Toyota 4Runner Car Stereo Installation in Melbourne with Focal JL Audio and Pioneer
July 3, 2017
car stereo installation in Melbourne Mercedes G wagon Focal JL Audio Mosconi by Explicit Customs
Mercedes G Wagon Car Stereo Installation with Focal Utopia Speakers JL Audio Subwoofer and Mosconi Amps
May 12, 2018
1958 Chevy Bel Air car stereo installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs using Focal and JL Audio
1958 Chevy Bel Air Car Stereo Installation in Melbourne Focal and JL Audio
June 20, 2017

1932 Ford Roadster huge old school car audio installation using Phoenix Gold amps, Blues mids and highs, and Kicker Solobaric subwoofers.

This customer brought us his custom Ford Roadster to our car stereo shop in Melbourne and fittingly wanted to use all of his old school amps and speakers, but have an updated and modern look to the stereo install. Everything in this car had to be made completely custom from scratch.

This is one amazing car stereo to hear and look at. Everything flows and has so many details that keep you looking at every aspect of the installation. We are grateful and proud to have worked on this car stereo install here in our Melbourne car stereo shop. Not everyone wants or need this level of custom work in their car stereo, but this gives you an idea of the work we are capable of here at Explicit Customs. If you want to upgrade your car stereo give us a call at 321-722-0228 to discuss what we can create for you whether you just need your radio installed, subwoofer box made, amplifiers added, or if you want a full blown custom car stereo installation like this.


The center console housing the Sony 712HD headunit radio flows down from the dash to the seats and also trims out the gear shifter with contrasting vinyl. The same styling continues around the car from the kick panels, each housing a pair of 6.5" Blues mid bass speakers, to the doors with a set of Blues 5.25 midrange speakers and tweeters. As you continue past the doors to the rear of the car we installed the Blues 8" midbass speakers and the amplifiers are separating the cabin of the car and the trunk. Everything is wrapped in black vinyl with red accents which makes for a very eye catching combo. Throughout the car we employ the use of pressed metal grills to protect the speakers. We hand make these from polished aluminum sheets with a honeycomb pattern cut into them. The look of these speaker grills really adds to the custom feel of the stereo installation.

The customer really wanted to show off these incredible old school car stereo amplifiers from Phoenix Gold. The Phoenix Gold MS1000 and Son of Frankamp'n Stein are not small amps by any means and really posed a challenge to fit them in the car and give them the display they deserved. We decided to create a wall that actually separates the trunk of the roadster from the cabin. We stacked them top to bottom and trimmed them out with some routered panels so that the car amplifiers guts can be seen through their plexi glass bottom panels. Seeing the circuit board and all the resistors, mosfets, and coils that makes these old school car amplifiers work is like looking at fine art. Above the amplifiers we also added a little detail work with a acrylic panel with the owners initials to give the installation that personalized touch.

In the trunk of the roadster we created custom fiberglass enclosures for the 4 Kicker Solobaric subwoofers. Fitting everything in the small trunk of this vehicle was no small task. We inverted 2 of the subwoofers so that we could keep the box size down and it also is visually appealing to see both the front and rear of the subwoofers. Also in the trunk are the Kinetic HC800 batteries that are used for the stereo power. These are on the floor of the trunk safely mounted and we also used the pressed aluminum honeycomb grills to cover them while allowing them to be seen in a stylish manor. There is also 2 XS Power 925 batteries in the cabin mounted under the seats that are used for the car starting power. We employ a batter isolator to keep the stereo from draining the starting batteries so that the customer won't get stuck somewhere if he wants to pound on his car stereo for hours and not worry. Again in the rear of the car we wanted to show off the polished fins of the amplifier wall so we trimmed them out with windows so that it can be seen.

To keep the entire power system charged up we installed 2 Ohio Generator alternators with custom made brackets. These high output alternators provide enough power to recharge all the batteries and keep the music pumping. Stinger OFC (oxygen free copper) was used throughout the entire car stereo installation to get the power to all the right places as well as Stinger 4K RCA interconnects. We used the Mosconi 4-6 Digital Signal Processor to tune the sound systems EQ so that we got crystal clear mids and highs with absolutely body jarring sub bass.


If you can dream it, we will build it. We can make your dreams come to reality.