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Check out the best marine stereo equipment available in Melbourne and Palm Bay. You will find JL Audio speakers in Brevard's finest boats... and in the best sounding ones, too!

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Marine Audio Stereo Equipment

If you're tired of replacing cheaply made speakers every year and want to step up to a quality marine listening experience, you have found the right place in Melbourne to make it happen.
Simply painting a car speaker white does not make for a good marine speaker. The marine environment is extremely harsh on a speaker, with huge amounts of UV exposure and corrosive salt in the air and water. The acoustic environment in a boat is also radically different from a car or home environment.


Professional marine audio installation in Melbourne at a level of quality you cannot receive anywhere else!


With MediaMaster®, bringing your playlist on your next adventure on the water has never been easier!

MediaMaster® - Full-featured, weatherproof marine source unit with full color LCD display
Enjoy great audio wherever your adventures might take you, with the MediaMaster® 100s-BE, a Premium Source Unit designed to withstand anything Mother Nature can dish out. This full-featured source unit offers great audio performance and is ideal for marine and powersports applications. Its rugged, weatherproof (IP66 rated) chassis houses an ultra-bright, 3.5-inch full-color LCD display, with separate Day/Night lighting themes for outstanding visibility, even in bright sunshine. When in motion, you will also appreciate the clean user interface with big text and large backlit controls.
Because sound quality is our top priority, the MM100s-BE is not equipped with an internal amplifier designed to drive loudspeakers directly. Instead, it offers audiophile-quality circuitry to deliver crystal-clear signals to high-quality marine amplifiers, through eight preamp outputs. These are deployed in four configurable, nameable audio zones, each offering its own set of independent control options, making the MM100s-BE adaptable to a wide range of system types. On-the-fly, zone volume controls make it easy to adjust the level of your audio zones, while a useful zone volume limit feature makes sure that nobody gets blasted inadvertently. All zones feature our Zero-Clipping audio circuit design, with self-limiting tone controls to keep the audio clean at high listening levels, reducing the likelihood of speaker damage.
With certified NMEA-2000® connectivity, the MM100s-BE is also an ideal partner to your Garmin, Lowrance or Simrad Multifunction Display!