2015 Jeep Wrangler with 3.5" Rubicon lift kit, Fox shocks, Fox steering stabilizer, Fuel Grenade wheels, and 35" Nitto tires
2015 Jeep Wrangler 3.5″ Rubicon Lift Fox Shocks and Stabilizer Fuel Wheels Nitto Tires
March 30, 2017
2015 GMC Yukon Denali car stereo with Focal speakers and amplifiers, JL Audio Subwoofers, and JL Audio factory integration
2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Focal K2 Speakers Focal Amplifers JL Audio Subwoofers
April 13, 2017
1978 Dodge Van custom stereo with selenium drivers and powerbass amps Explicit Custom Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
1978 Dodge Van
January 8, 2016
1991 Chevy Silverado Truck Custom Fabrication paint stereo air bags susbspension Explicit Customs Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
1991 Chevy Silverado Truck
January 8, 2016

1990 Porsche car stereo install using Focal K2 Power Kevlar Speakers and Mosconi amplifier

New, old, vintage, we work on all cars, trucks, boats, etc. This classic Porsche, yes, a 1990 is considered classic now, wow I'm getting old, came in to our Melbourne car stereo shop wanting an awesome car stereo and we delivered. We helped the customer choose the Focal K2 Power Kevlar car speakers. We went with the 2 way 6.5" and tweeter setup to give them a full signal range for a great full sound from their car stereo. The K2 line from Focal incorporates a kevlar cone for optimal rigidity, lightness and damping. This helps reproduce music in your car as the artist and producer intended. The tweeter use a patented M-shaped inverted dome that helps eliminate resonances that other car speakers have trouble with.

To power the car stereo speakers we used the Mosconi D2 amplifer. This tiny car amp has just enough power to make these car speakers sing and still be small enough to fit under the seats of the is tiny sports car. The combination of the Mosconi amplifer and the Focal speakers make for a beautiful couple and give our customer the sound they were looking for.

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