Explicit Customs Melbourne Car stereo upgrade using JL Audio amps, Focal speaker, JL Audio processor.
2015 Toyota Rav 4
January 5, 2017
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2017 Ford Mustang GT
January 30, 2017
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2005 Chevy Impala
January 8, 2016
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2007 Acura TL
July 6, 2016

Dodge Charger car audio project here in Melbourne FL using Orion HCCA amplifiers and 15" subwoofers. Digital Designs VO high output mids and highs

This car stereo system in Melbourne FL is all about output and SPL. The 2 Orion 15" HCCA subwoofers used in this car stereo are amazing! These SPL subwoofers weigh in at around 100 lbs. each! They are built to do one thing, bang! Powering these behemoth car stereo subwoofers is an Orion HCCA car amplifier pushing out 16,000 watts! The box we built for these subwoofers had to be double walled and braced fully to support their immense weight and to handle the stress and pressure these car stereo subwoofers are going to exert on it. When we were testing the car stereo system the bass was crazy. It actually broke all the clips on the car headliner with all the flexing. Because of how much pressure these subwoofers create we actually asked the customer to sign a waiver that releaves us of all claims if the car starts to fall apart due to the car stereo. It's highly likely that the back glass is going to break at some point from the amount of pressure and flex.

In order to actually hear the music over the incredible amount of bass we had to use some high efficiency mids and highs. For the car stereo mids and highs we chose Digital Designs VO (voice optimized) speaker line. This line of car stereo speaker are built to combine the high output of pro audio speakers while maintaining audiophile sound. These high output car stereo speakers paired with another Orion HCCA amplifier putting out 4000 watts make for some screaming loud mids and highs.

This customer wanted to do everything right so the vehicles charging system had to be beefed up to keep up with the extreme power demands of this high output car stereo system. We installed a high output Mechman alternator. This alternator creates many more amps of power to keep up with the amp draw. We also installed 4 XS Power batteries in the trunk of the vehicle so there was plenty of backup power supply for when the customer really pushes the car stereo to its limits. All of the power and grounding wires were upgraded under the hood to 0 awg Stinger power wire and several runs to each amplifier. We added some red LED lighting and some branding to the trunk to make it bling when he is showing this amazing system off.

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