1958 Chevy Bel Air car stereo installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs using Focal and JL Audio
1958 Chevy Bel Air Car Stereo Installation in Melbourne Focal and JL Audio
June 20, 2017
1932 Ford Roadster car stereo installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs
1932 Ford Roadster Old School Car Stereo Installation Phoenix Gold Blues Sony Stinger
August 21, 2017
2007 Acura TL custom car audio stereo upgrade iPad dash Explicit Customs Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
2007 Acura TL
July 6, 2016
2009 BMW 335I custom car stereo with Hertz amps, Diigital Designs subwoofers, Audison Bit One DSP Explicit Customs Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
2009 BMW 335I
January 8, 2016

Full sound system upgrade in this Toyota 4Runner using Focal Flax speakers for mids and highs, JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer, JL Audio amps, JL Audio TWK 88 sound processor, and a Pioneer 8100 headunit.

This car stereo installation starts with the excellent Pioneer 8100 headunit. This is more than what you would call just a car radio, it has full touchscreen capability, GPS, plays FLAC files, and all the bells and whistles. This provides the rest of the car stereo the clean signal to reproduce true sound quality. We used the Focal Flax line of speakers for the mids and highs. In the front of the car we used Focal component speakers (separate midrange speaker and tweeter) so we could put the mid in the bottom factory door location and the tweeter in the top of the door. Having the tweeter up higher in the door helps raise the sound stage of the music and keeps it from being blocked by an obstructions like your legs or seats. In the rear of the vehicle we used the Focal Flax coaxial speakers. Coaxial speakers can be used here because the rear speakers are mainly for "rear fill". They are meant to only compliment the front speakers to add ambiance to the music.

For the subwoofer stage of the car stereo we used the JL Audio Stealthbox made specifically for this year 4Runner. JL Audio makes these subwoofer enclosures to fit perfectly in the car or truck it is made for without any major modification so that you don't loose any cargo space and blends right in with the factory interior. They put endless hours of research and development into making these subwoofer systems sound and fit perfect in your car.

Everything is powered by JL Audio's line of XD amplifiers. We used the XD 600/6 to power all the mids and highs and the XD 600/1 to power the subwoofer. This provides this car stereo with ample power to get really loud, but sound perfectly clear. The sound is all processed through the JL Audio TWK 88 sound processor. This gives us total control over the music to make it sound crystal clear and sound exactly how the artist intended. The parametric EQ allows us the shape the sound of your car stereo exactly to your liking.

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