2012 Toyota Camry JL Audio Audison Stinger
September 29, 2015
2014 Ford F250 iPad Dash Installation
April 21, 2017

High end car stereo project featuring top of the line Focal Utopia 3 way component speakers, JL Audio TW3 subwoofer, and Mosconi amplifiers.

Here we are again with another amazing build! Some people think that when it comes to high end builds it's just a plug and play thing this is not true. Many cards come in to play like top-of-the-line product , attention to detail and in our opinion one of the most important a vision that Is shared between us and the customer. Now what makes this build stand out from the rest? Here we have some of the top of the line speakers from Focal there 3 Way Utopia components with a beryllium tweeter for maximum clarity. Then we have a JL audio TW3 provide the smooth clean low-end to round out the sound. All Powered Mosconi amps and with a Computer tune via there processor. In the pictures below you can see the custom pillars fabricated in house to accommodate the 3way kit as well as the attention to detail by our installers. Where are firm believers in every detail matters!


If you can dream it, we will build it. We can make your dreams come to reality.