chevy tahoe JL Audio subwoofer box explicit customs melbourne fl
Chevy Tahoe JL Audio Subwoofer Box Build and Installation
February 17, 2017
classic ford mustang custom center console and trunk subwoofer installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs
Classic Ford Mustang Car Stereo Installation Custom Center Console and JL Audio Subwoofer
May 13, 2018

Subwoofer box for a pair of JL Audio W3 subwoofers powered by a JL Audio RD Amplifier with an Audiocontrol LC2 factory integration unit.

In this job we created a simple sealed box for a pair of 12" JL Audio W3 subwoofers. Sealed boxes are great because they typically take up less space. Most subwoofers require between only .5 - 1 cubic foot of air space. We wrapped the box in grey carpet to match the factory carpet.

To power the subwoofers we used a JL Audio RD amplifier. We wired everything up using genuine JL Audio power and ground wires. Having the proper size and quality power and ground wires ensure that your system can get enough power from your alternator and battery and keep working reliably for the life of your vehicle. We installed the equipment in a hidden compartment so everything is out of the way and secure.

We used an Audio Control LC2i unit to hook into the factory radio. This allows you to use your factory radio and keeps everything working as normal like your steering wheel controls. The device connects to the factory speaker wires and takes the signal and converts it to a low level signal that the aftermarket amplifiers can use. It also cleans up the signal so that you get the best possible sound.

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