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Toyota Supra
January 8, 2016

Custom fiberglass box in the spare tire well of this VW Golf for a pair of subwoofers. No loss of cargo space with a lot of bass!

This client wanted to add a good amount of bass, but they didn't want to sacrifice their cargo space. For this project, we couldn't build a typical rectangular box and just stick it in the trunk. We decided to utilize the area under the trunk floor where the spare tire usually goes. We line the area with fiberglass to create a stiff and solid box that contours the floor and using every inch of the tire well air space. We top the box off with some MDF that creates a flush mount panel for the subwoofers. Then, we make a false floor and create a custom pressed metal speaker grill to protect the subwoofers. The false floor is then covered in carpet that matches the factory carpet. When the false floor panel is covering the subwoofers you cannot tell that they are there at all, though it can easily be lifted up to reveal the sub system.

The client now has an awesome subwoofer system with plenty of bass and has 100% of their trunk still for carrying groceries, luggage, or whatever else they want to carry without any worries of damaging their car stereo sub system. If you were thinking about adding some subwoofers to your car stereo, but are reluctant because you don't want to lose your trunk space, give us a call to see what we can do. We make amazing things happen right here at our car stereo shop in Melbourne.

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