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Focal Expert Sub P 25 F Flax Cone 10″ Subwoofer

Made in France but affordable, Flax cones are oriented towards acoustic performance, high-tech and give an original design to the brand’s speaker drivers!

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 FLAX CONE / 10″ Subwoofer

P25F is a 25cm (10″) subwoofer designed for a 18,4-liter- closed cabinet or a 25-liter- bass-reflex one. It is equipped with a very rigid Flax cone of 320 gr/m² which guarantees deep, powerful and linear bass. Its power is 300 Watts RMS and its frequency response goes from 33 to 500Hz. P25F Flax subwoofer represent a good compromise between bass pleasure and cabinet volume. The reference in the bass world!

The three Flax subwoofers consist of straightforward 4-Ohm voice coils which are perfectly suited for small enclosures (closed or bass-reflex). Several innovations raise their performance to an even higher level. Each model of subwoofer has a dual magnet, offering improved linearity and ensuring optimal magnetic power delivered to the voice coil, which features a new cooling system. Glass fibre has been used for the mounting of the voice coil, making it more robust while protecting the cone from the heat emitted. Last but not least, the new fixings connecting the cone to the voice coil and the spider to the basket improve reliability for extreme use (very high excursion).

  • “Dual Magnet” for more power
  • FLAX® technology for an exclusive cone
  • 14mm Xmax
  • High rigidity for deep and controlled bass
  • Improved excursion thanks to the new suspension
  • Optimised cooling of the voice coil
  • The best compromise for a small seal enclosure volume using (0.35 Cu ft – 10L)


Woofer 10″ (250mm)
Voice-coil 2″ (50mm)
Voice-coil height 1-3/8″ (35mm)
Magnet 5-11/16″ (145mm)
max power 600 W
nominal power 300 W RMS
sensitivity 85dB
impedance 4 Ohms
frequency response 33Hz – 500Hz


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