1990-porsche-focal-kevlar-speakers-mosconi-dsp-install-melbourne-fl-explicit-customs (1)
1990 Porsche Focal K2 Power Kevlar Speaker Install with Mosconi Amplifier
March 31, 2017
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2015 Chevy Silverado with Mcgaughys Suspension Lift Kit Installation
April 18, 2017
JL Audio Car audio install 2015 C7 Corvette in Melbourne FL at Explicit Customs
2015 Corvette C7 Subwoofer Installation with JL Audio Sub and Amplifier
November 8, 2016
2015 Jeep Wrangler with 3.5" Rubicon lift kit, Fox shocks, Fox steering stabilizer, Fuel Grenade wheels, and 35" Nitto tires
2015 Jeep Wrangler 3.5″ Rubicon Lift Fox Shocks and Stabilizer Fuel Wheels Nitto Tires
March 30, 2017

2015 GMC Sierra 2500 with Focal K2 Power Kevlar component speakers, Focal amplifiers, JL Audio Subwoofer Stealth box, and JL Audio Fix and TWk for sound processing.

This truck comes stock with a Bose speaker stereo system. Car manufacturers sell you on these "upgraded" stereo packages, but their "upgraded" car stereo is far inferior to most aftermarket speaker and amplifier options. Especially when you choose some high end speakers like these Focal K2 Power Kevlar cone component speaker set ups. Focal hand makes all their speakers and rigorously test them to ensure every speaker that leaves their factory is perfect and will reproduce music with complete realism. We highly recommend all Focal products and keep plenty in stock here at the shop in Melbourne FL.

When you pair the Focal car stereo speakers with the line of car stereo amplifiers you get the best possible sound from your new car stereo. We used the Focal FDP line of amps for this truck stereo. The FDP amps are great because they pack a serious punch in a small size. They also look very sleek and modern, so if you want to show them off they will impress. We used the 900.4 amplifier to power all of the mids and highs. We chose this car amplifier because it gives us 6 channels of clean power so we can power each speaker on a separate channel. We do this so when we tune the system we have full control over every aspect of the system. The subwoofers are powered by the Focal FDP 900.1 providing them 900 watts of pure power.

For the subwoofer stage of the car stereo we choose the JL Audio Stealthbox made specifically for this truck. It is a custom fiberglass box made to fit in this truck under the rear seats so that you don't loose any room in your truck for passengers or storage. It utilizes wasted space in the cab so you never miss it. The box holds two JL Audio 12TW3 subwoofers. These subs are made to fit in shallower spaces, but they really pound. We are really impressed with their line of TW3 car subwoofers.

To tune everything we choose the JL Audio line of integration and proccessing units. The JL Audio Fix allows us to connect into the factory stereo system, so all your factory functions continue to work seamlessly with your new car stereo. Your steering wheel controls work like normal, your radio, bluetooth, USB, etc., all work as they did before, but your new car stereo sounds 1000 times better! We also used the JL Audio TWK which is their line of signal processors. This gives us full control over every speaker in your system. We set the time alignment so that the sound from each speaker meets your ear at the same time, tune the EQ with the 10 band parametric EQ so your music sounds like the artist intended, and set all the levels so your new speakers are safe and are working at their optimal level.

If your are looking for the best car or truck stereo system please contact us at our stereo shop in Melbourne FL. We can handle all your stereo, window tint, car alarm, lighting, etc. needs right here in Melbourne FL. Call us at 321-722-0224 or send us an email to set up an appointment to discuss your car stereo project. Best car stereo shop in Melbourne FL.


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