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Chevy Impala
January 8, 2016
chevy tahoe JL Audio subwoofer box explicit customs melbourne fl
Chevy Tahoe JL Audio Subwoofer Box Build and Installation
February 17, 2017

Stealthy under seat subwoofer box in this Chevy Silverado with JL Audio subs and speakers. Think you don't have room, think again!

This customer wanted big bass, but didn't think they had room for a big subwoofer box. We were super excited to prove them wrong by using the latest techniques in box building and the slim 13" subwoofers from JL Audio. These very slim subwoofers only need about 2.5" of mounting depth, so it makes it possible to fit in tight spaces like under the rear row seats of a Chevy Silverado.

The box is built using a technique called stack fabbing. We cut out multiple layers of MDF wood that we then stack on top of each other to create the custom shape of the box that fits perfectly under the seats. This type of box is great because it tucks perfectly under the seat and you lose absolutely zero leg room. Without the custom JL Audio badging and details we put on the front of the box, you would never know it was there.

For the mids and highs of the cars stereo we used JL Audio's new C7 high end line of speakers. This 3 way speaker set, (tweeter, mid, and midbass), allow us to customize the sound so that every frequency is heard perfectly clear without distortion. If you want high quality sound, 3 way speaker sets are the way to go. We created custom mounts in the dash to hold the 3" mid and tweeter. We built them here in our car stereo shop in Melbourne and moulding them into the factory dash panel. You can see the new speaker grills for the C7 speakers, but they look like they came like that from the factory.

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