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Lexus DD Audio Subwoofer Box Build and Hertz Mille Speaker Upgrade Car Stereo Installation
May 16, 2018
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Nissan 350Z
January 8, 2016

High end custom car stereo installation in Melbourne for this Mercedes G500 Wagon using Focal Utopia 3 way speakers, JL Audio TW5v2 Subwoofer, and Mosconi Amplifiers!

The installation in this Mercedes G Wagon starts off with the best of the best, a Focal Utopia Be 3 way speaker set. These car stereo speakers provide the highest quality of sound, giving you smooth highs, aggressive mids, and a full and robust low end to your music. If you want to hear every single note in your music, then the Focal Utopia 3 way is for you. The speaker set separates the highs, mids, and lows into 3 different speakers so that each speaker can play their intended frequencies without distortion. To fit these speakers we had to customize the door panels to fit the 3" midrange speaker. You can see how we were able to do this and keep the factory appearance. It looks as if the speakers were supposed to be there from the factory.

For the low end bass, we utilized the JL Audio TW5v2 subwoofer. This 13" slim subwoofer allows us to fit it in small spaces, but it still delivers the hard hitting bass that is required for a full sound from your car stereo. This subwoofer only needs about 2.5" of space behind it, which is nearly a third or less than what any other comparable subwoofer needs. We created a custom side mount box here at our car stereo shop in Melbourne that takes up barely any of the space in the back of the wagon.

To power all of the car stereo, we used high end Mosconi amplifiers. These amps provide the perfect amount of power to the Focal Utopia speakers to produce crystal clear sound as well as plenty of punch to the bass. We built a custom amplifier rack on the opposite side that mirrors the subwoofer box. This keeps everything nice and clean in the trunk and still keeps 90% of the trunk space for normal use.

We appreciate our customer so much for allowing us to work on their G wagon. This car stereo installation in our Melbourne car stereo shop is very subtle on the appearance to keep everything looking like factory, but the sound is off the charts! We are can't thank our customer enough for letting us work our car stereo magic.

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