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JL Audio Marine Stereo System and Custom Fabrication Center Console
March 10, 2017
car stereo installation in Melbourne Mercedes G wagon Focal JL Audio Mosconi by Explicit Customs
Mercedes G Wagon Car Stereo Installation with Focal Utopia Speakers JL Audio Subwoofer and Mosconi Amps
May 12, 2018

Custom DD Audio subwoofer enclosure build and color matched beauty panel, plus complete car stereo speaker upgrade with Hertz Mille component speakers for this Lexus.

In this Lexus we built a box for a pair of DD Audio 2510 subwoofers in the truck, but the client didn't want just a plain old sub box in the trunk. He wanted it to sound and look good. We created a custom beauty panel to cover the box. We used a combination of color matched accents, black acrylic, and matching vinyl to create an awesome looking display that covers up that "plain old box" and gives it that totally custom look. The trunk still has space for cargo and the subwoofers are protected.

For the mids and highs of the car stereo, we used a component speaker set from Hertz, the Mille Legend 165.3. This set comes with a 6.5" midrange driver and 1" tweeter. We mounted the midrange speakers in the factory door locations with some adapters to make them fit along with the crossovers for the speaker system. The tweeters were placed in the factory dash locations, again with a custom adapter we made here in our car stereo shop in Melbourne. This keeps the look of the car nice and clean, looking just like it rolled off the factory showroom floor, but the sound is 10X better.

One thing to notice, that often gets overlooked, is the detail and care taken in the wiring of a car stereo installation. You can really tell the time and care taken into your installation if you look at how the installers ran all the wires for your car stereo installation. One, it keeps everything nice and neat so that if you ever need to change or fix anything you know exactly where the wires are and it's easy to figure out. Two, when your wires are soundly secured it prevents any damage that can occur from anything shifting, rubbing, shorting out, etc. Three, using secure connections and solder will prevent your electrical system from shorting or cutting out. If your installer uses quick wire splices or T-taps your system is at great risk of eventually shorting out and stop working. These lazy types of connections are easy to pull apart and with the T-taps, they actually cut into the wire and will corrode and break the wire.

We always take the time and OCD like attention to make sure your system will always work and our wiring shows that. Don't cheap out with your wiring if you want your car stereo to work great for the life of your car. Choose the best car stereo shop in Melbourne, Explicit Customs.

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