Honda Accord Wagon custom audio visual build using Hertz audio including an Xbox and Vizio TV. Explicit Customs Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
Honda Accord Wagon
January 8, 2016
Hummer H2 Custom car stereo using Kicker audio subs and amps Explicit Customs Melbourne Suntree Viera Florida
Hummer H2
January 8, 2016

Down firing subwoofer box for a pair of JL Audio TW3 10's and JL Audio JX amplifier installation in the rear cargo storage compartment under the floor.

This client came to our car stereo shop in Melbourne and wanted something simple that didn't take up a bunch of room, which also sounded amazing. I think we delivered on that with the sound system design we came up with. We started by installing the JL Audio amplifiers for the car stereo under the cargo space floor where there was a compartment for extra storage. The client didn't use this space for anything so this made a perfect place to install all the equipment and keep it out of the way and safe and secure. We also installed the crossovers for the speakers and the JL Audio Fix 86.

The JL Audio Fix 86 is a factory integration unit that serves several purposes. First, it allows us to take the signal from the factory radio and clean it up for use with aftermarket amplifiers and speakers. Most factory radios change the signal and frequencies that it puts out to mask the inferior speakers they use. They have to do this to make their crappy speakers sound decent. The Fix 86 basically brings everything to a clean slate so we can build upon it from there. It also is a digital sound processor that allows you to EQ and calibrate your music to your liking.

Next, we created a down firing subwoofer box for the pair of TW3 10" subwoofers. We chose to use this type of box to keep the woofers safe from anything the client wanted to put in the cargo area as well as because facing the woofers down like this creates a great bass response in vans and hatchbacks like this. Because the woofers are protected underneath the box, the client can still carry anything in the cargo space and not worry.

Make sure to notice the attention to detail we take with the wiring. Everything is neatly run throughout the vehicle and tightly secured so that the car stereo will keep working for the life of the car. Not every car stereo installation we do at our car stereo shop in Melbourne needs to be over the top and crazy, but we always use the same attention to detail and make sure your sound system will sound great for years to come.

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