JL Audio TW5 Subwoofers Available For Sales & Installation

Browse JL Audio TW5 subwoofers we have available for sale and for installations here in Melbourne at the best car stereo shop in Melbourne. Authorized JL Audio dealer for sales & installation of all JL Audio equipment.

Groundbreaking large woofer performance with only 2.6 inches of mounting depth.

This unique subwoofer driver is yet another example of JL Audio’s commitment to engineering innovation. Our thin-line woofer technology compresses the architecture of the 13TW5v2 using a “concentric tube” structure that supports the oversized voice coil and the suspension attachments. This permits placing the large motor structure much further forward in the speaker than with conventional designs, while maintaining excellent linear excursion capability and mechanical stability.

In keeping with its “tight-spaces” mission, the 13TW5v2 is also optimized for enclosures that are far smaller than most 12-inch woofers require and only a bit larger than the air space needs of a typical small-box 10-inch woofer. We even designed the mounting system to allow it to fit in the same footprint as a standard 12-inch woofer.

Deep, powerful and accurate bass is now possible in the most challenging installation applications.