JL Audio Vxi Car Stereo Amplifiers For Sale and Installation

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Simplify: Reference-grade amplifiers with integrated DSP

VXi Amplifiers

VXi amplifiers combine JL Audio’s advanced amplifier technology with a powerful digital signal processor, all within a compact and beautiful package that is easy to install and offers unprecedented tuning power and flexibility.

At the heart of each VXi amplifier is a customized, triple-core AKM® DSP engine. This powerful DSP not only enables powerful tuning capabilities, but it also helps to improve amplifier audio performance by acting as a master clock for the full-range audio amplifier sections. Further amplifier performance gains have been achieved via minimum loop area output designs, DirectFET® output devices and closely coupled output capacitor banks. The result is a new level of Class D amplifier performance, with outstanding efficiency, reliable power delivery and world-class audio quality.

The triple-core DSP engine has ample power to enable a full suite of powerful signal processing functions. These include powerful input switching, routing and mixing that allow a wide range of sources and configurations. Also included for each amplifier output channel and the analog pre-outs: high pass and low pass filters, delay, all-pass filter, polarity and output level trim. Optical, digital pre-outs feature the ability to EQ and level control the digital stream.

Instead of using traditional control knobs and switches, VXi amplifiers are easily configured from the driver’s seat, using JL Audio’s free TüN™ software on a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone. Users can define up to six active preset tunings that can be called up at the push of a button using one of the compatible DRC controllers (sold separately).

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