Audison Bit 10 DSP car stereo factory integration installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs
June 4, 2018
Audison Bit One DSP car stereo factory integration installation in Melbourne by Explicit Customs
June 4, 2018
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bit Ten D is a multi-function digital processor conceived and built to process digital and analogue signal both on the input and on output to the amplifier (featuring AD Link connection) and create top-performance system with any source typology.

Provided with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed DSP as well as 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, bit Ten D processes the signal with extreme accuracy and wide configurability thanks to a software especially designed for car acoustic peculiarities.

bit Ten D features an optical digital input, minimizing interference and degradations of the signal found in traditional analog interconnects, also by-passing the A/D conversion phases of analog signals.

Thanks to the AD Link connection, the available outputs become 8 in total, all in digital format; they can also be used simultaneously with the analog ones (for a maximum of 8 outputs total).
The AC Link is completely dedicated to the “remote control” of the system. The system is comprised of one connector for the provided DRC and one for the amplifiers present in the system. The DRC is supplied with the bit Ten D product.

DRC–Digital Remote Control – PROVIDED
DRC is the digital interface between the bit processors and the user. DRC mounted in the vehicle dashboard with bit Ten D processor, provides: – ability to select between main, aux and optical inputs – control of master volume, subwoofer volume, balance and fader – ability to choose between 2 user-defined memory presets for equalizer, crossover and time alignment settings. – control of the Audison Thesis amplifiers’ system when these are installed in the same system.
DRC AB Digital Remote Control – OPTIONAL
DRC AB enables the main system control (volume, balance, fader and subwoofer volume, bass-boost) without the use of a PC. Thanks to this device, installed in an ergonomic position within the car dashboard, the user can: choose between the four DSP presets and select the source among master, auxiliary and the two optical digital inputs.
DRC MP – Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play – OPTIONAL
The new Audison DRC MP (Digital Remote Control Multimedia Play) is compatible with all the Audison electronics featuring AC Link bus. Its slim profile along with the holder supplied with it eases the installation in the best position inside the car. Thanks to the new Joystick, “Rubber Touch” finished for best control of the movements along the four direction axes, the ‘DRC Settings’ menu can be adjusted and navigation is also possible through the ‘Navy Command’ function if the system features an Audison bit Play HD with video output connected to a monitor.
USS4 – Universal Speakers Simulator
Some OEM sources/head-units have a test circuit that monitors the presence of a low-impedance load to enable audio outputs. When you connect this type of head-unit to the high-level inputs of an Audison bit processor, which has a high impedance load, audio outputs are silenced. By inserting the USS4 between the source and the processor / amplifier, these problems are definitively solved.
SPM4 – 4 Ch Stereo Passive Mixer
Recommended to extend the number of inputs of bit Ten D processor because they feature a De-equalizer (De-Eq). In that case, any possible non-linear acoustic emissions due to the mixing of the pre-existing filtered channels are duly compensated.
DRC cable extension kit, for installations on especially long vehicles.
OP 1.5 • TOSLINK Optical Cable 1,5m / 59,05”
Optical cable ending with Toslink connectors for S/PDIF digital audio signals. Cable length 1,5 m/59,05”
OP 4.5 • TOSLINK Optical Cable 4,5m / 177,16”
Optical cable ending with Toslink connectors for S/PDIF digital audio signals. Cable length 4,5 m/177,16”
STA • F/F Socket Toslink adapter
Optical adapter to extend optical cables featuring Toslink connectors.
RCA Adapter Cable
Essential connector making link fast and effortless. It expedites connections between the head unit PRE OUTs (2 V min.) and the bit Ten Hi-Level inputs.
STR • TOSLINK Optical Cable
Male-Female Toslink adapter with rotatable head. The 90° angle allows to save space.
It prevents the processor from shutting down when turning on cars featuring the start & stop system.